The commentator has a point to make. I say, given that you have two choices, you'll pick what you like – it becomes a challenge, therefore, for one country to be the better choice by people of 'dual citizenship' – be it Singapore, or any other country. That is what I can say.


Letter from M Lukshumayeh

I REFER to the report "It's time to revisit the dual-citizenship issue: MP" (May 30-31).

I refer to MP Cedric Foo's suggestion that the Government should "reconsider offering dual citizenship" to lure top foreign talent to Singapore.

Being a small island-state with a small population, the commitment of Singapore's citizens is vital. Dual citizenship goes against this virtue, as foreigners with dual citizenship have the luxury of choice — and with that, their commitment to their respective countries becomes diluted. Mr Foo's suggestion focuses on the privileges of citizenship only, not on the responsibilities.

Furthermore, dual citizenship would not only apply to foreigners taking on Singapore citizenship as dual citizenships but also allow Singaporeans taking on foreign citizenships too. Surely Singapore should not and must not allow this course of action, for fear of losing even more of our best talent to their adopted nations.

From TODAY, Voices – Wednesday, 03-Jun-2009

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