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Up and down, up and down, due to Euro, due to US dollar, due to whatever…

Having reached US$76/barrel, oil price now slides down… to where who knows?

Read the latest story on oil price here.

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How would you want to be in the generations to come? On a national level, what programs is your government creating to make sure that survival and competitiveness is ensured for the nation as a whole?

For Singapore, read that news story here.

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Corazon Aquino, after a long battle with cancer, dies.

Philippine leaders, including Gloria Arroyo, pays respect.

Read that story here.

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When your earthly tenure has ended, and you are departed from the land of the living, what can be said of you, by those who know you, by those whom you love, by those who dislike you, and by those who esteem you with high regard?

Singapore govt describes late Corazon Aquino as remarkable woman

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President Aquino was named by Time Magazine as...

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After all the many prayers and masses held for the healing of President Cory Aquino, she transpired, finally, after her battle with cancer, which already spread to her internal organs.

She has already expressed readiness to depart, and that has readied her family and relatives on her imminent demise.

Ex-Philippine president Corazon Aquino dies

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