IT HAS been a bone of contention here, but could dual citizenship be the carrot needed to draw talented foreigners to Singapore in this economic upheaval?

Member of Parliament (West Coast GRC) Cedric Foo urged the Government to "reconsider offering dual citizenship or other pull factors" to lure top talent to our shores.

Such a policy could target "a few hundred per year of the very top talent from all fields", and not thousands of foreign talent who would compete with Singaporeans for jobs, he said.

The current economic downturn presents Singapore with an opportunity to draw talent, as foreign companies unable to secure government funding may be scouting for greener pastures to relocate to.

Singapore can also bank on its reputation as a liveable city and the absence of language barriers, said Mr Foo. This select group of top talent would "add dynamism and we would do well to welcome them", he said. Neo Chai Chin

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