Stephen Vines

Should investors be dumping stocks just because it's a recession?

No, as there are always chances to take advantage of the downturn, says author and successful businessman Stephen Vines.

In Market Panic, Vines, a former journalist whose Hong Kong-based company Pan Britain provides consultancy services to major corporations in East Asia, takes a hard look at current trends and offers simple tips for succeeding in volatile markets.

He challenges some long-held theories about the benefits of investment diversification; offers new ways of understanding the panic cycle and teaches investors how to predict the onset of panics.

"Stock markets show remarkable resilience in the face of crises, scandals and all other forms of extreme behaviour," Vines writes. "If more people understand the opportunities arising from markets at their supposedly weakest moments ... the potential for profit is greater than when fear, irrationality and extreme behaviour dominate stock markets."

Vines provides real-life case studies by interviewing fund managers and traders, who tell how they were caught in market panics and how they countered these challenges head on.

The book is easy to follow and jargon-free, perfect reading material for the budding investor. ZUL OTHMAN

From TODAY, Business – Monday, 01-Jun-2009

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