In the process of finding out the root cause of the bleaching agent finding its way into the baking ingredients. Will be watching this progress. First time I see this happening in real life. I always joke about 'sabo' with my colleagues – it is now happening (at least that's how it looks) in real life.


FIVE Royals Premium Cakes employees are being questioned further by police, said the company after the alleged sabotage at its Bedok factory on Sunday.

Company director Joy Tang said: "They (the police) are doing the third round of questioning. First round was for all of our employees. Second round was done yesterday, the police chose five (and) tried to gather some forensic information from the five suspects. Today, the same five will be going over."

A chemical contaminant believed to be a bleaching agent was discovered in some of the ingredients, namely pie fillings and sugar syrup, by staff on Sunday. This led to a recall of confectionary products made at the factory.

The company has yet to decide on measures to prevent a similar incident, said Ms Tang. Its management will hold discussions before submitting a proposal to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) in the next two days, she added.

Ms Tang adds that the company is doing a final cleaning to sanitise the factory. Operations at the factory will remain suspended pending investigations by the police and the AVA. The police said investigations are on-going.

AVA says it is still in the process of running tests, and has not received any complaints from people falling ill from consuming any contaminated products. 938LIVE

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