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090525-LittleBlackBook If you are bent on tapping technology and setting up an online business, this is the book for you. After all, set-up costs can be low and it is a good way to reach out to a global audience.

To help budding entrepreneurs looking to set up an online business, author Paul Galloway wrote The Little Black Book of Online Business, which lists some 1001 online resources that can help you set up an online shop.

Some of the recommended resources include websites that help with digital product security, content management and payment gateways.

And while the book teaches about the techniques of doing business online, it also talks about the need to mail brochures to customers because “direct mail is an integral component of many of the most successful online businesses”.

Mr Galloway asserts that the term “online business” can be “somewhat of a misnomer”. He wrote: “The Internet should be considered part of your business but you shouldn’t limit yourself to using the Internet to the exclusion of all else.”

Stressing that the book is not “about how to make money on the Internet”, Mr Galloway defines his book as providing “the tools and resources you need to implement an online marketing programme for any business idea you can come up with”.

From, Succeed – Monday, 25-May-2009; see the source article here.

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