This is something to post in my Leadership Learning blog… my say? When this evolution comes, old skin has to be moulted out, for the growth to take place properly… that's when there will be some political unrest, civil disobedience, civil wars… name them, and they will come. Up to what magnitude, who knows? It will come, I tell you, it will come…


Channel NewsAsia - Wednesday, May 20

Analysts agree Singapore's political system will evolve to adapt to changing needs

SINGAPORE: Analysts said Singapore's political system will have to change to adapt with the times. They were responding to President S R Nathan's opening address in Parliament on Monday evening.

Observers said it will also be an increasingly uphill task to find new leaders who can serve the growing demands of Singaporeans.

The recent AWARE incident is just one example of how Singaporeans who feel strongly about an issue can come together and bring about change, according to political analyst, Professor Bilveer Singh.

He cited other examples such as the NKF issue and people responding to the actions of Singapore Table Tennis Association President, Lee Bee Wah, after the table tennis coach incident.

He said that Singaporeans are not politically innocent and can be mobilised to act in a group if there's a strong catalyst in the form of an economic or social issue — for example, a widening income gap or if more companies are hiring foreigners over Singaporeans.

Professor Bilveer said while the government is aware such changes are coming, it would prefer things to take place more gradually.

Analysts also agreed with President S R Nathan that Singapore needs to induct fresh leaders in touch with the new generation. But they also pointed out that the same leaders would also have to meet the needs of older Singaporeans.

Davin Chor, assistant professor, economics, Singapore Management University, said: "There will be a lot of competing needs. These new leaders have to be very cautious in order to serve the country better. There's also the issue of the country having more foreign—born Singaporeans who are becoming naturalised. What are their priorities, what are their interests?"

Economically, analysts said the schemes to help Singaporeans upgrade skills and the Jobs Credit scheme are likely to be around for a while as it will take some time for the economy to recover. — CNA/vm

From Yahoo! News; see the source article here.

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