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090420-IndiaBusinessChecklist With a population of over a billion, India is one of the world’s largest markets. In recent years, its economy has been expanding at a rate of 6 to 8 per cent annually and companies are rushing in to tap this growth.

But for foreigners unfamiliar with its culture and federal system, doing business in India presents many obstacles.

Not to worry. Help comes in the form of a new book published by John Wiley and Sons (Asia) and written by international business consultant Rupa K Bose.

An easily accessible and practical guide, the book starts by introducing the reader to India’s history and culture and shows how its financial system evolved.

Targeted at the busy expatriate professional who may otherwise be floored by the complexity of doing business in India, the book takes the reader through the process of setting up a business, such as getting the needed documents, approaching the relevant authorities, meeting regulatory requirements and as well as observing proper etiquette.

Also included are travel tips, climate information as well as a list of holidays.

And for those looking to live in India for an extended period, the book provides practical advice such as getting student visas for their children and the need for a backup electricity system because of the frequent power outages.

Case studies of multinational companies, such as Coca-Cola, that have set up offices in India, are also provided to give detailed real-life examples of the issues involved in doing business in the country.

With its extensive explanation of all aspects of doing business in India in short, easy-to-read chapters, the book is an essential resource for foreigners looking to take part in the country’s growth.


From TODAY, Succeed – Monday, 20-April-2009


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