Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

When I started reading on Hans Finzel’s book The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, I immediately caught some insights and truths, and I couldn’t help to juggle in my mind the organizations and leaders that I know, especially those that I am close with. But the sad truth to all the thoughts that’s racing in my mind, flashing back and forth, is the truth of how far they are from the fundamentals, or, as I believe, truth of what I have just read. Frustration and misery to the max.

I plodded on, and every time I gain a new insight, my mind races back to the same issues and events that I am very sure were a deviation from the standard that was laid out in this book. Or should I say, the leaders that I knew were committing ‘the top ten mistakes leaders make’.

Gladly I have gone through my own share of mistakes, and I have learned, by God’s grace.

Should you be interested in the book, check it out here.


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