final of All-Japan Judo Championships in 2007Image via WikipediaWe had our internal meeting today, and one of the questions that I asked is how the company is managing the supply shortage with Japan out of the supply chain.

"They are scampering to switch substrates," was the answer. Who is the 'they'? Those in-charge, of course.

Anyway, that isn't the point at all.

The point is - that change is so massive, and so massive that if the future, in the event that Japan comes back to the playing field and starts producing, the switch back may not be that easy after all.

So the question is, when the time comes, and Japan springs back to production, will everybody else be willing to switch back?

I'm just preempting the possible extent of Japan's damage, even in its industries.

Will Japan ever recover position as world key player afterwards?

Just my thoughts...

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