Space Travel (Science Fiction Writing Series)The Starflight Handbook: A Pioneer's Guide to Interstellar Travel (Wiley Science Editions)Leaving Earth: Space Stations, Rival Superpowers, and the Quest for Interplanetary TravelFrom the Earth to the Moon - The Signature EditionSpace Travel: The RealityThe Hazards of Space Travel: A Tourist's GuideAmerica In Space: NASA's First Fifty YearsInterstellar Travel & Multi-Generational Space Ships: Apogee Books Space Series 34America was first to step on the moon, but the Russian astronauts displayed superior intelligence when they used pencils for writing - saving billions of dollars in research for the same writing material to be used in space (compared to America).

With many other countries following and embarking to "step out into the space", this one from Japan is a first of its kind. What is that thing?

Read on:

Naoko Yamazaki knows you have to look good at work even if your work is in outer space. Japanese fashion designer Tae Ashida has created a designer suit for the female astronaut to wear during her stay on the International Space Station. "As a female designer, I chose a design and colour with a sense of grace ... so that she can feel at ease as she carries out a tough mission in a male-dominated, bleak atmosphere. It's like a dream come true to see my clothes worn in space," said Ashida. "I'm looking forward to seeing her wear my design."

Now there has been lady astronauts before, but this one wearing a designer clothes is first in mankind's history. And why not? Space suits were primarily designed for men, ain't that right?

What's next? Non-smearing lipstick? Space-environment lotion? What have you to offer to 'make' space travel better? Or vain?

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